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About the Ambassador

The Ambassador of Redcliffe was named Redcliffe Hotel
after the land was purchased by Patrick O’Leary on the 24th
of December 1880. The hotel was then opened
12 months from this date.

The Hotel changed hands and was upgraded many times
with Tom Moxley licensee in 1896 and Mrs. Tappolet in 1904.
Laura McDonald had a new two-storey building erected
in 1927 and changed the name to “Ambassadors”.

The Queensland brewery was the owner during the 1940’s
when the hotel became “The Ambassador”. This name
remained till it was changed to “The Ambassador of
Redcliffe” in 2001. The current owners (The Weller Hotel
Group) have owned the Ambassador or Redcliffe since 2005.

The Weller Hotel Group is an independent family operated
business that has been operating for many years all across
South East Queensland.

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